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A leading player
For more than 30 years, Control Mareg is a process instrumentation components leading provider.
Control, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic regulation, pressure, temperature and flow monitoring are Control Mareg core business. 
Control Mareg provides a set of solutions through a comprehensive range of products, and is widely recognized for its engineering  expertise.
Control-Mareg provides process measurement and control components to major organizations in the industrial sector, oil, gas, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Having developped specific know-how in pneumatic controllers, the company is today a reference supplier in the energy sector.
Working closely with standard industrial process equipment manufacturers, we supply a wide range of products, pneumatic regulators and relays, I/P E/P transducers, pressure and temperature switches, valve positioners, electromagnetic and mass flow meters, etc.
Years of collaboration with majors actor in the process control and regulation business helped the company to build a complete catalog covering every aspect of its customers needs.