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A global offering
Precision regulators, relays (all types), transmitters, valve positioners, transducers, PID controllers, diaphragm air cylinders, temperature and pressure switch, volumetric and mass flowmeters, Control Mareg offer covers most of the industrial process regulation needs. The catalog is shared between pneumatic and electro-pneumatic regulation with Siemens, Siemens-Moore and ControlAir, flow regulation and metering with Sierra, Kates and Euromag, temperature and pressure switch with CCS, etc.

The company has been working with the same partners for 30 years. As such, Control Mareg maintains a complete technical knowledge base of the former Moore controllers range of products (now merged with Siemens).
Control Mareg provides “off the shelf” components but manufactures custom engineered products for specific needs as well (eg : special high relief pneumatic boosters for valves requiring fast stroking speed).
Main company’s references are leaders in the energy, oil and gas, chemical and industrial sectors.